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Members of a writer’s community are talented people that share their love and cultivation of the word. Here we celebrate and feature their contributions by publishing examples of their work. If you like what you see, reach out to them. If you would like to be featured, contact me.

Meet Emmanual  Aligizakis (Manolis)

The featured Guest author/translator and is my talented Greek neighbor across the Canadian border, Emmanuel Aligizakis (Manolis). He has written extensively in Greek and English and has translated several well-known poets and writers. This presentation is of his recently launched translation of a side-by-side edition (Greek and English) of Bill Wolak's poetry. The collection is entitled The Seepage of Dreams/Ροή Ονείρων. "From the title of the book alone, one can begin to get an inkling of just how inextricably linked eros and death are in the poet's thinking. Seepage suggests loss, fading, dwindling, and diminution, while dreaming is usually connected with some aspect of desire," writes Chryssa Nicolaki in the Forward. 

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