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All Is Fair and Other California Stories

Guest Post by Linda Feyder

In this rich collection of thirteen short stories, a diverse group of characters seek the fulfillment and connection this sunny state has always promised. They come with hopes for a better lifestyle, for a change of perspective, or for the dry, mild West Coast weather. A couple moves to Palm Desert from New York for the climate a doctor prescribes, and the wife makes an unlikely friendship to manage feelings of loss and homesickness. A young Mexican woman migrates to California only to marry an American man who deserts her. A young man is disqualified from the Naval Aeronautical program and returns to his sister’s home where he struggles with his identity and sexuality. A teenage girl travels to California from New York to spend the summer with the father she hasn’t seen for many years. The stories take place under the glare of the Southern California sun, a western desert light so clear and unfiltered that it reveals everything. All’s Fair and Other California Stories offers a deeply immersive experience into the lives of various characters and will leave readers feeling thoughtful and transported.


About Linda Feyder

Linda Feyder is a practicing psychotherapist in New York. She received her M.A. in creative writing and literature from the University of Houston, and has been writing fiction for many years. Her stories have appeared in literary journal and magazine. Her interest in California, her native state, and the people it attracts are the subjects of her debut collection of short stories.


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