Memoir Setting in Thessaloniki 

The sun rises over a beautiful ribbon of land that hugs Thermaikos Bay and rests in the shadow of Mount Hortiatis. There sits Thessaloniki, an ancient city, cosmopolitan, bustling: my birth home. Its downtown is laced with wide streets that repeat the amphitheatrical shape of the Bay for several blocks. Then they wind uphill in irregular, snaky shapes that fade as they climb the hillsides. They ultimately lead to the Byzantine walls on the west and to the slopes of Mount Hortiatis on the east. Thick with its million residents, the city brims with activity. Rushing cars crowd traffic near the Bay while further out, the ring roads ease the asphyxiation of rush hour.





Postures of Prayer and ResurrectionSophia Kouidou-Giles
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The Writing Life

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Sophia's Return

English Language Memoir 


Book Available September 2021


She Writes Press

The Time Collection


Nine short stories from the eyelands' 4th international short story contest. Theme: Time


Authors from USA, England, Lithuania, Greece and Cyprus write stories about Time. Included the prizes and six short listed stories.

Return to Thessaloniki

A book for those of you that enjoy a story that unfolds in the 1950s Greece about a family mystery.

Quilted Pillow
Transitions and Passages


English language poetry chapbook.