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Circle of Peace

Circle of Peace_Final.jpg
Novella by Sophia Kouidou-Giles
(Release date: March 12, 2025)

"In a gripping reimagining of Greek lore, Perse, wife of Helios and mother to Circe, bargains for her own hall to aid Selene, infuriating Zeus. Despite success, tragedy strikes when Phaethon, Helios's son, recklessly steers the sun chariot, igniting chaos. Zeus's fatal intervention leaves grief in its wake, overshadowed by war. Amidst turmoil, Perse emerges as a beacon of peace, driven by resilience despite loss. Kouidou-Giles's "Perse" delves into themes of tragedy, resilience, and the pursuit of peace amidst strife, standing as a poignant addition to the Greek myth-inspired series."

Advanced Praise for Circle of Peace - A Greek Tale of Perse's Great Hall

In ancient Greece, one goddess will dare—to outwit her powerful sun-god husband, to defy the war-hawk Olympian gods, and to rally sister goddesses in a bold strategy for peace. In Circle of Peace, Queen Perse epitomizes beauty, allure, and wisdom, endeavoring to safeguard the world for innocent mortals.

Jean Gilbertson, author of Dancing on the Whisper of God: A Novel

Sophia Kouidou-Giles does an outstanding job of capturing the nuances of legend. . . . Her astute reflections on the attitudes and points of view of legendary gods offer much food for thought and book club discussion

Midwestern Review

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