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My Bookmark Story

Reni Roxas thought she had her future all figured out while she was pursuing a career as a journalist in New York. But years later, she received a letter from Lorenzo Tan, then General Manager of The Bookmark, Inc. offering a partnership that was too tempting to resist. In this video, Roxas shares the birth pains and joys of building Tahanan Books, the valuable lessons she learned from The Bookmark, and the fulfilment of making a mark through their legacy of quality children's books.


Reni Roxas is a children's book publisher and editor. Her 25-year-old company, Tahanan Books, specializes in books that celebrate Filipino culture and history. Her picture book Ay Naku! won a Philippine National Children's Book Award. She is the editor of Hanggang sa Muli (Until We Meet Again): Homecoming Stories for the Filipino Soul, which was a Manila Critics Circle Finalist for Best Anthology in English. Reni divides her time between Manila and the Pacific Northwest, where she lives with her two sons.


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