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In the Sun and In the Rain

There is excitement in the air. The rainy weather brought back green lawns and Fall colors. More yellows, reds and browns have taken over the outdoors and brisk walks on windy days take me to shorelines alive with dancing waves and swaying buoys.

Welcome to my ramblings, musings and occasional news during these coronavirus days, from this corner of the Pacific Northwest. Life indoors is the same as in the past, and yet, different as communication modes rely more heavily on electronics. Still, that does not limit contacts, even for my not-so-savvy generation. We adapt ever more slowly.

On this website, you will find Stories, Translations, Poetry, Op-Eds and meet Featured Guests with their unique contributions to the Writing Life. Subscribe to dip into this world with occasional articles, photos and events. It is another way of sharing and staying in touch. And always feel free to comment and share your news.

This is frankly a first attempt to say hello and learn how to use this novel way of communicating. So, once more, hello and welcome. There will be more to come, soon.



October 14, 202


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