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Glykerini with Lemon | ΓΛΥΚΕΡΙΝΗ ΜΕ ΛΕΜΟΝΙ

The day Maria Psoma Petridou gave me a copy of her book of personal essays, Καιναβρεθεί, θαμεκυνηγάει / Found or Not, It Will Chase Me, published by Παράξενες Μέρες / Strange Day Books in 2015, was the day I fell in love with her writing. It seemed like a natural act to follow it up with a translation of my favorite essay into English so that I could share it with my English-speaking readers. Glykerini with Lemon is a vibrant portrait of a grandmother, told by her adoring granddaughter. There is a sparkle to the words that holds charm in the original Greek language and challenges the translator who attempts to create the English text.

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Glykerini with Lemon
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ΓΛΥΚΕΡΙΝΗ ΜΕ ΛΕΜΟΝΙ8471 - Glykerini with
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