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Greek Villa

My Life in Two Worlds 

Sophia shares her love of travel, music, the sea and her homeland, Greece. This is where she selects articles and segments of her original writing for Greek and English-speaking readers. Born in Greece, she lives in Seattle, Washington.

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Sophia's Return 
Uncovering my Mother's Past

Award Winning English Language Memoir 

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An Unexpected Ally

Since Homer's Odyssey, Circe has captivated readers as thoroughly as she did Odysseus and his men. Now in An Unexpected Ally, Circe illuminates a new, energetic tale restoring faith in the intuitive, and banishing the myth of an evil enchantress in her new entanglements with Glaucus and Skylla. 

Return to Thessaloniki

A Greek language book for those of you that enjoy a story that unfolds in the 1950s Greece about a family mystery.

Circle of Peace_Final.jpg
Circle of Peace

In the realm of gods and goddesses, embark on an exciting quest for peace alongside Perse, Circe’s water-nymph mother, as well as an emerging champion: Irene.

A standalone tale and sequel to An Unexpected Ally forthcoming March 2025

Tucked in the protected shores of the Salish Sea, the seaport of Seattle sits on seven hills, (Capitol Hill, First Hill, West Seattle, Beacon Hill, Queen Anne, Magnolia, and the former Denny Hill) surrounded by lakes, mountains, forests, and adorned by the luscious green of the Pacific Northwest. Home to Boeing, Amazon and Microsoft, it is populated by nearly four million people, one of the fastest growing cities in the USA. A modern version of a dense metropolis in the Wild West, it is a multi-ethnic, liberal city settled by Native American tribes who were followed by European and Asian immigrants. I have lived here for over half a century.

Seattle Where I Write

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It is easy to fall in love with Thessaloniki’s vast beauty, culture with different little neighborhoods that are worlds unto themselves. It is the place where I was born. As the second largest city in Greece, it has produced some of the greatest musicians, artists, and poets. Thessaloniki is my home by the sea. 

Greek Home by the Sea

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