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Upcoming Work

An Unexpected Ally
Novella by Sophia Kouidou-Giles

Anticipated October 2023

"Another dimension of Circe, Homer’s enchantress that briefly lived in his Iliad, a heart-pounding tale that grinds out a new myth of love, hate, revenge, and restoration. Since the Iliad, Circe has captivated readers as thoroughly as she did Odysseus and his men. Now in An Unexpected Ally, Circe illuminates a new, energetic tale restoring faith in the intuitive, and banishing the myth of an evil enchantress in her new entanglements with Glaucus and Skylla. Rivals turn into allies and Circe asserts her female powers in a male-dominated world of heroes, demigods, and meddling Olympians."

Circe Inspiration with Artist Karen Farnsworth

About Artist Karen Farnsworth

I have dabbled in various arts in the past few years.  I have done building with clay and with found objects, and a bit of drawing.  I have Covid to thank for my recent foray into watercolor.  Subjects I enjoy painting are flowers, houses, dogs and other animals, children, and an occasional landscape.  I have learned what I know about watercolor from online tutorials. I would like to take an in-person class but Covid, you know ….

When I was around 12 I went on my first back packing trip in the Pioneer Mountains of Idaho  and that sparked my concern about the environment.  I started Boise Recycling Center. I have lived as a ‘granola’ protesting wars and mines and pipelines and more wars. I belong to coops, kayak, listen to Joan Baez, garden at the local p-patch, have chickens and a dog and make kombucha.  My roof is covered with solar panels and the yard planted with natives. 

I went away from Idaho to school at New College in Sarasota Florida and got a degree in liberal arts. The education was not vocational so I returned to University of Idaho for pre-veterinary study and then WSU for Veterinary school. I practiced veterinary medicine, mainly with dogs and cats, for 30 years.   I am also interested in archeology anthropology and evolution. And art of course. I like audiobooks. Recently I listened to Monkey King by Wu Cheng’en; it is so fun! 

The places I love best are in the mountains of Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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